Reasons to Switching on Construction Time Card App

Switching over to using construction time card app seem to be daunting but as soon as you made the move, you'll realize that there are numerous benefits that it can bring to your business. There are actually more reasons to switch to time card app than staying to paper time cards. Here are few of the reasons that can convince you to do so. You'll also want to get extra details from

Reason number 1. Ease of use - the construction time card app is easy to use. Since it is directly on their phone, employees do not need to worry losing their time sheet or time card. Employees are clocking in at construction site and can clock out once done. They do not need to worry about having to remember the exact time when they got in or when then left. There is no need for them to be bothered whether the time sheet was stored or the job clock is correct. In just a simple click from the time card app, everything is recorded.

Reason number 2. Accountability - by using such app, it significantly improves accountability. Not like with traditional paper timesheet, location is recorded accurately together with the time spent there. Majority of the mobile time clocks are recording the location of punch in and out instead of sending the data as a whole. Meaning to say, managers are able to see the amount of time spent at a certain location and then compare it to field notes. They will know how much was done in given time which then increase accountability among staffs. You should be able to learn more at

Reason number 3. Productivity - since you are able to see where people were the moment they clocked in, this can be used in real-time project data to be able to see how much is actually done. Now, you can exactly know how productive every project is. You can also use the data in providing better estimates. You may even see increase in level of productivity as you have more knowledge and information of what is going on.

Reason number 4. Fewer errors - using paper time cards, someone needs to input the info and then, load it to the payroll software. Here, the error rate is around 1.2 percent. By using construction time card app, your company will be able to reduce errors considerably. Because all data is exportable, no one needs to manually enter data. This reduces the odds of someone misreading the number or perhaps, hitting the wrong key which can cost significant amount of money to your end. Learn more about time tracking softare here: